October 2 2017

The Gospel Of John (Part One)


This is a commentary on the first three verses of the Gospel Of John. I hope that you will find it enriching, informative, and inspiring. 

August 4 2017

Your Steps Are Being Directed By God


This is a message concerning the fact that God has everything in our lives in control. God is in every aspect of our lives; even the parts that to us seem tragic or unfair.   I illustrate this fact by several biblical personages who had many unhappy circumstances in their life, yet it was those very unpleasant circumstances that pushed them into their destinies.

The message is preceded with a song played and sung by Steve Paget, and which was written by his father. And the message is ended with a song sung by our own Judy Marshal. 

March 3 2017



This is a message showing the power of God's word when it is properly applied. God's word is as powerfull now as it was at the creation, but it has to be activatied to get the results that God has intended for it. There are many things in the world that we now live in that are voice activated, and even so many of God's promised need to be voice activeded. 

January 6 2017

Tested and Tried


We have all at one time or another went through troubled times and wondered why it was happening to me. I hope in some small way this short message will enlighten the Christian to at least some of the possible reasons why we have to be tried and tested. May God's blessing be upon you and this message, and give you the strength to go through your tried tested times.

June 14 2016

Seeing The Whole Picture


Sometimes life can seem like it's dealing you a bad hand, but from this message you will see that what we are seeing in our life is only a small piece of the total picture. 

April 26 2016

The War Of The Worlds


This is a very important message for all Christians to hear. I explain by scripture the unseen war that is going on all around us between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan, and just how that war that is going on in an unseen world is effecting the things that are happening in the world that we live in. The message is preceded by a great song entitled "How Great Thou Art". I know that the song will be uplifting and the message informative and imperative to your life. 

April 22 2016

A King Waiting On His Kingdom


This is a message showing  that we are right now, as David was, anointed kings just waiting for God's timing on our kingdom to come.

(Rev 5:10)  And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.(KJV)

February 1 2016

The Valley Of Dry Bones


In this message I show the relationship of Ezekiel's vision of the valley of dry bones to our life.                  The message is preceded by a short song that I know you will enjoy.  

January 30 2016

God’s Healing Principles (Part 6 of 6)


This is the last and the best of the six messages on God's healing principles. If you have never seen or heard of a divine healing miracle you will hear one in this message. I've recorded in this message an actual live, completely unexpected healing miracle. I hope that it touches your heart, and lifts up your faith, as it has mine every time that I hear it.  

God’s Healing Principles (Part 5 of 6)


This is part five of a six part message showing how the proper understanding and application of God's word can bring healing and health. The message is proceeded by an anointed song that I believe will help you in generating greater faith in God and his healing word. 

God’s Healing Principles (Part 4 of 6)


This is part four of the six part series on God's Healing Principles. The message is preceded by a fitting song. It is my hope that both the song and the message will lift your faith to a place where you can receive the healing that you need. 

God’s Healing Principles (Part 3 of 6)


This is part three of the six part series on God's healing principles, and healthy living. The message is preceded by a fitting song. I know that you will be enriched by both the song and the message.  

God’s Healing Principles (Part 2 of 6)


This is the second in the six messages concerning what God's word says about divine healing and living a healthy lifestyle. It has in introductory song that you can skip through if you like.  

God’s Healing Principles (Part 1 of 6)


I've put together six messages on the principles of God's divine healing, and healthy living. 

This is part one of those message. Each message has an introductory song before the message. 
I hope that you will gain wisdom from these messages that will help in your healing and staying healthy.  

Abraham’s Faith and Our Inheritance


In this message I show how the blessings that God promised to Abraham and his seed belong to the born-again believers. 

November 20 2015


After the horrible events that happened on Friday night November 13th in Paris France my spirit was moved to minister a message concerning the escalating evil in this world and what we as Christians can do about it. 
Excuse my singing at the beginning of the service, but we had no one to lead the song service, so it was left up to me. The special singing was done by our piano player Steve Padget.  
My prayer is that all of us Christians will not only hear the message, but that at those times when we are about to get angry or do something that we shouldn't, that the Holy Spirit will bring this message to our minds and remind us not to feed the evil that will cause it to grow. As with cancer you can do things to cause it to grow larger, or you can do things to cause it to shrink, so it is with evil spirits. Let's do our part in destroying evil and not increasing it's powers.     

October 16 2015

The Fight Of Good Verses Evil


Some of the evil of this world is obvious and some is not. In this message I try to enlighten the Christian of the evil that has slithered in unaware and the consequences that it can bring.

July 24 2015


With all of the troubles in life, if we are to have complete peace of mind, we'll have to come to a place in our Christian life where we completely understand that God is in control of every single detail of our lives. And because of that, when things happen that we don't like and we don't understand, we have to learn to say "not my will but thine be done". In this message I've tried, in some small measure, to deal with understanding why bad things happen to the just as well as the unjust.

April 1 2015



This message is concerning how we all have to make our own personal decision at Gethsemane before we can have our resurrection. The message is proceeded by a great song entitled "Take Up Your Cross".

March 5 2015



If you are a Christian this is a must listen to message. In this message I show by historical scripture, personal examples, and prophecy what happens when people get complacent.
      The message is about 25 min. proceeded by a song entitled "Lord I Surrender" 

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