November 26 2012

Emotional Living


In this message entitled, "Emotional Living", God's word explains to us why we can't follow our heart or our feelings. Then it shows us what we are to follow after if we want to live a life of peace, joy, love and contentment. The message is proceeded by a short song from Eric Horner entitled "wonderful peace"

November 15 2012

When Life Is Forever Changed


There are life changing events that happen in life; A storm destroys everything you have;  An unexpected death; Lost your job; Divorce or any number of things that can happen that turns your world upside down. There's things that can be learned in life changing events and that is what  this message deals with.

The Triumph Of Grace


This is a message concerning the infinite God of love, who created a plan for you to go from a finite life to an infinite life with him; and why it will take an infinite life to experience all that God has reserved for you.    The message is proceeded by a short song entitled "I believe"