October 9 2013

Salt and Light

This is a message given by Jesus in Matthew Chapter five, where he gives all Christians the commission to go into all the world and be the salt and light of the world. Some Christians may want to be a missionary and go to some far off lands to spread the gospel, when there is a mission field all around them. Jesus teaches us how to be salt and light where we live.

The message is proceeded with a song from Mr Don Lewis entitled 'Sweet Holy Spirit".  I know you will be touched by the song, and inspired by the message to go a little higher in Jesus.

A Life Of Disappointments or Antisipations


This message shows how medical science's knowledge of how your brain works, coincides with what it says in God's word of how to have a contented life with peace of mind. 

This message will change your way of thinking about what you allow to come into your eyes and ears. And if you abide by what God teaches us in this message it will change your life, and your health. 

The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ


This is a message about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the perspective of the bewildered disciples who were following Jesus because they thought he was going to defeat the Romans and setup his kingdom. And he did setup his kingdom only not as they thought he was going to.   The message is proceeded by a message in song entitled "Because He LivesI know you will be inspired by the song, and I hope you are informed and encouraged by the message.


Don't worry if you can't pronounce the title of my message, just listen to it and I'll pronounce it for you. This is an Old Testament story that God put in the bible to illustrate a deeper spiritual truth. This is the story of a bond of love that was strong enough to restore a fallen dynasty; and how God's love is strong enough to restore our fallen lives from Lodebar to the Kings table.  

Just Call Me Mara

This is a message that I preached at the Panama City Rescue Mission.The message is from the book of Ruth Chapter one verse 20, and is concerned with how people perceive themselves, and God, when the problems of life keep destroying there hope. It shows how even when things look the bleakest God is still at work for the end result.


This is a message concerning fear, and what we should do about it. Is fear good or bad? Is there anything a person can do to overcome fear? Why is there fear in the world? And most important what does God's word say about fear. There's a short introductory song by Gary Chapman that plays right into my message. I pray that the message and the song with uplift your faith, and help you to understand the good and the bad side of fear.  

Trusting God Despite The Pain and Suffering

This was a message taken from the book of Job, and shows what would happen if a person could talk face to face with God about the injustice of their situation in life. No one had more seemingly injustice in their life then Job did. If anyone had a right to complain to God about what was happening to him, Job did. In this message you will see at least some reasons why problems may happen in life, and most important how we should react to those problems, and injustices of life.