August 4 2017

Your Steps Are Being Directed By God


This is a message concerning the fact that God has everything in our lives in control. God is in every aspect of our lives; even the parts that to us seem tragic or unfair.   I illustrate this fact by several biblical personages who had many unhappy circumstances in their life, yet it was those very unpleasant circumstances that pushed them into their destinies.

The message is preceded with a song played and sung by Steve Paget, and which was written by his father. And the message is ended with a song sung by our own Judy Marshal. 

March 6 2014

Know Why You Believe II


This is part two of the message "Know Why You Believe". The first message in this series was centered on being able to explain to someone why you believe in the God of the bible. The first message was concerned with the creation as a witness of God; and this message is concerned with the so called science of evolution. My message is preceded by a short song that is very fitting for the message. I know that you will be enlighten and educated by the message, and spiritually uplifted by the song.   <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

November 15 2012

When Life Is Forever Changed


There are life changing events that happen in life; A storm destroys everything you have;  An unexpected death; Lost your job; Divorce or any number of things that can happen that turns your world upside down. There's things that can be learned in life changing events and that is what  this message deals with.

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